RuFire Media’s team has decades of marketing experience working with large clients, and we want to utilize our talents and expertise to help increase business for small and medium-sized companies. We are well versed in all aspects of marketing, from developing a brand to executing full-blown marketing campaigns utilizing multiple platforms, like print, video, marketing collateral, and of course, all aspects of online digital marketing, including Social Media.

More Than Just Looks!

We want to take your creative ideas and turn them into a functional reality. Let’s look at this a bit deeper. Often when we are working with a client, they have a specific look in mind that they are looking to achieve with their brand. We strive to exceed that goal and create your website, so that is visually appealing to help sell your brand. However, we do not just slap a few words on your beautiful site and call it a day. We layout the site with authoritative content to complement your website. Providing the user with the best possible experience and ranking your site at the top of search engine results page.

We Don’t Stop There

Many Design firms will only create the website and put it online for you. You then need to figure out how to generate traffic to the site. Dare I say good luck with since these firms don’t optimize the websites that they build with strong content and on-site SEO schemes. You’ll end up spending more than necessary on AdWords and other forms of marketing designed to drive traffic.  At RuFire Media, since we correctly build the site from the ground up, we can also help drive traffic to your site with white hat online marketing techniques to get your website on the first page of Google.

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Mobile Friendly Web Design
PPC Google AdWords Campaigns
YouTube Marketing
Local Map Search
Google Business Directory (GMB)
360 Photos

Graphic Design
SEO/Site Audit
Competetive Analysis
Monthly Performance Analysis
Keyword Analysis/Strategy

Content Development
Press Releases
Email Marketing
Online Reviews
Brand Reputation
Web Hosting (Not Including email)

Let Us Design Your Site!

Consumers are searching online with a variety of devices these days. Most popular is their phone, but customers also use their tablets, laptops, gaming systems, etc… All of these devices provide a different search experience because of their screen size and resolution. RuFire Media will design your site to look great and perform property no matter the device. We will create a website for you that has a strong call-to-action. Like, “click to call” located in critical locations on the site along with a lead generation form at the top of each page so that when customers are ready to “pull the trigger,” they will be able to do so quickly. Nothing is more frustrating to the user’s experience than trying to find a way to contact you when they need answers.

Instantly Call Your Website Prospects!

Receive a phone the second a prospect reaches out to you through your website’s contact form. Your the call with then auto-dial the number for you based on the prospects phone number that was entered into the contact form and you will soon be talking to a qualified buyer on your site. This all happens within 20 seconds of their form inquiry.

By replying so quickly at the time of interest, you exponentially increase the chance of you closing the sale and making an instant inquiry from your website. Improve Your Sales Conversions!



People Don’t Use Phone Books Anymore

One of the best ways to get discovered on the internet is by search results. The highest conversion levels of all local advertising is “Local SEO”. This simply means that you have submitted your business info consistently to as many other website directories, websites, online map, etc as you can.

Here’s something to think about: 97% of consumers will search online to find local services. Nearly 85% of the people using mobile phoes use search engines to find local businesses. A huge amount of online discovery comes from using Google maps and other online navigational apps and websites.

More Reach. More Results.

Make it easier for people to find you.

Review Sites0%
Directory Sites0%
Map Sites and Navigational Apps0%
If you’d like to talk more about the benefits of local SEO, please call one of our specialists.

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